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Class Notes, 2 Nov. 2011

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Structuring Academic Essays

Intro section: introduction to the topic at hand, and briefly also the terms, and, most importantly, what your aim/argument/interpretation is:

Your interpretive lens will be . . .

4 paragraphs


Theory section: you bring in your theoretical model, including the terms you’ll be using to apply to the texts under analysis:

6 paragraphs


time applied to book 1

5 paragraphs


POV applied to book 1

4 paragraphs



4 paragraphs


 Politics                          Technology                       Arts

Don Quixote 1605/1615

Spain/Europe                            monarchy, pirates               printing press                  Shakes

Empire: colonialism             maritime                         linear

Religious wars                     guns                           perspective

Expulsions                           steel                             the epic

Immigrations                       maps                            the novel

Rise of nation states                                           Las Meninas

The emergence                                                    boroque

Of the world market

Garcia Marquez 1920-1970

Colombia/South America                                                                                  typewriter


Cobra 1972




The People of Paper 2005

Mexico/USA/North America                                                                            computers



Example of typewriter affecting shape of literature: typewriter

lonliness      l












in    g

 Mandeep’s Blog Post

A technique of presenting an episode repeatedly, each time seen through the eyes of a different (internal) focalizer. Typically, what is demonstrated by this technique is that different people tend to perceive or interpret the same event in radically different fashion. Texts that are told by more than one narrator that create multiple focalization based on external focalizer. (N3.2.4)


–don’t get bias POV: different approaches from different characters’ POVs

–different take on one event each time

–see inside the character’s mentality: their emotions/moods

–takes apart a scene and can reproduce from different angles

–reader becomes judge: the reader can add their own biases

–readers know the characters’ secrets that other characters in the story may not know

–the knowledge that readers have of a narrative compared to the characters in their own story


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