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Class Notes, 28 Nov. 2011

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End of Atomik Aztex

–two realities merging more: confusing which reality was which

–pg. 203: “the monkey”: playful animal, troublesome

–Max goes missing: does he split or is he murdered?

–“options”: belief: interpretation, choices between making meaning

–“the author”: has intended meaning but TIME passes, intended meaning is for an intended audience . . .

–“the reader”: have options, choices among interpretations: activity between the reader and the text

–parts easy to understand, but sometimes he threw me off: had no idea what was going on . . . switching between scenes

–some people like to be confused: could open avenues for lots of analysis . . . meaning is not easy to pin down . . . meaning is difficult “to nail”

–when meaning is easy to pinpoint, you have to work less as a reader or interpreter, or you can use less of your “options”

–This is why Foster gives his warning at the beginning: this will NOT be traditional

–the language: sometimes graphic, the meat scenes: vivid imagery: lists: language becomes part of the novel’s content and not just its form

–Foster’s attention to language: quoting lyrics of songs, titles of books, rhyming words, advertisements, politics, verse, Conrad (high Lit), Aztec mythology, meat packing lingo, WWII/Vietnam war stories, Spanish conquest of Americas: a hodgepodge of styles packed together, smashed together

Ch.5: referencing of these “styles”: abrupt changes in tone;



Internal vs. External focalization: external knowledge and internal viewpoints: characters relations among one another and their relations to “external” events and knowledge in the narrative.




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The short story as literary form/genre (TIME) . . . & what about story time?

–pick it up and finish it in a short time (discourse time)

–you can read it again right after (discourse time)

–straight to the point (story time?)

–don’t have much time (discourse time)

–some readers have short attention spans (discourse time)


Nabo & Atomik Aztex


–multiple worlds, sets of time

–Nabo takes place in theU.S.A.?: slavery, family was White, there’s a barn

–“jazz concert”: the musician in the square


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