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Class Notes, 5 Dec. 2011

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–What did you learn in this course

(this could be the material you include in your “cover letter”)




Bullets list

–What do you think I wanted you to learn?

–My goals for the class: or what I as instructor wanted you to gain . . .


Circle two of your points



Pick one of the points you circled, and explain why you think that I think that skill/lesson is important?





“the condition of art inAmerica”



Pop music: radio, public spaces, TV, advertisements

“Britney Spears”

“Lady Gaga”



Fine music: orchestras, philharmonic,LincolnCenter


the distinction between high art and low art: “high art” museums,



“low art”: public spaces, advertising, branding, bought and sold, “flimsy” not like the “hard” arts, or with less “depth” than high art



Fine art: “timeless” not always a “best-seller” sometimes the “anti-best-seller” for Vega, the “underground” art, or art that has . . . see list below . . .


Pop art: for the market, bought, sold, “hollow”




“Harry Potter”: “bestseller”, written to be made into a film? The “blockbuster”; art to be sold, to make money . . .



Vega’s theory of Literature: Chapter 23 “Social Facilitation”

“Great”, “classic”, “high” Literature concerns itself with:


–social concerns




(Vega’s short list for how to write Lit. Notice making money is not a concern.)


Postcolonial psychoanalysis: Frantz Fanon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_tc_2_0?rh=i%3Astripbooks%2Ck%3AFrantz+Fanon&keywords=Frantz+Fanon&ie=UTF8&qid=1323095475&sr=8-2-ent&field-contributor_id=B001HPZVZ6


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