English 363: Experimental Hispanic Literatures

Queens College, City University of New York

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Schedule of Classes

Be sure to check http://363hispanlit.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu/ for updates to the schedule and also for running notes from class.

Aug 29—In-class reading of Samperio’s “She Lived in a Story and probing narrative structure.  Who speaks? Introduction to Jahn’s online text http://www.uni-koeln.de/~ame02/pppn.htm
and the narratological method of formal interpretation.

Homework: Begin reading http://www.uni-koeln.de/~ame02/pppn.htm.
Also make sure you sign up for a qwriting blog, and to email salvarez@gc.cuny.edu your blog’s url address you created, for example http://worldliterature363.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu.

Aug 31—Navigating qwriting and posting blogs, also embedding videos. In-class writing. Composing PIE paragraphs. FOR EACH OF YOUR POSTED IN-CLASS WRITINGS YOU MUST USE PIE PARAGRAPHS. Reviewing PIE paragraphs and writing them in groups using different narratological terms. Reviewing the Jahn narratology page together and establishing a list of terms for formal elements of narratives. In-class writing.

Homework: Finish reading the Jahn narratology site—be
sure to take notes on your blog.


Sep 7—Applications of narratology, and unpacking critical terms.

Homework: Bring in a PIE paragraph (printed) to class, using a cited passage from the Samperio story. Also read Don Quixote (11-40; 48-58; 63-70; 73-82; 467-479).

Sep 12—Discussion of Don Quixote and the general outlines of Part 1.

Reviewing of PIE paragraphs. Remember to pay special attention to your MLA formatting (the Purdue OWL is your best resource <http://owl.english.purdue.edu>).

Homework: Read Don Quixote (483-538).

Response due next class.

Sep 14—Response 1 due posted by 8:00 AM as a page on your Qwriting blog. Also bring in a paper version to class. In-class peer review of classmates’ writings. In-class writing. Discussion of novel’s events thus far, and self parody as a theme.

Homework: Read Don Quixote (539-687).

Sep 19—Blog post of RITA STIRPE reviewed in class.

Analyzing narratological elements in Don Quixote. Looking to research about Don Quixote on the QC library databases. In-class writing.

Homework: Read Don Quixote (687-755).

Sep 21—Blog post of JUSTIN TSE will be reviewed in class. Reviewing as a class an article about the novel, and examining elements of criticism applied to the novel. Continue discussion connecting narratology to the novel. In-class writing.

Homework: Read Don Quixote (755-902). First ten blog posts due next class.

Sep 26—First ten blog posts due, 8AM.  Finish reading article. In-class writing. Also reviewing film versions of the novel.

Homework: Finish Don Quixote. Response 2 due next class. 

Sep 28—NO CLASS.

Oct 3— Response 2 due posted by 8:00 AM on your Qwriting blog. Review of CASEY SABAL’s response in class. In-class reading of Alonso Quixano’s death scene at the end of Part II of Don Quixote. In-class writing.

Homework: Read García Márquez’s “Dialogue with the Mirror” and “Eyes of a Blue Dog.”

Oct 5—Blog posts of MONICA ROSARIO and JOHN RODRIGUEZ reviewed in class. Close read of one of the stories and application of narratological terms.

Homework: Read García Márquez’s “Nabo the Black Man Who Made the Angels Wait,” “Monologue of Isabel,” There Are No Thieves in This Town,” “Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon,” and “One Day After Saturday,” and “Big Mama’s Funeral.”

Oct 10—NO CLASS.

Oct 12—Blog post of VANESSA TOLEDO will be reviewed in class. In-class writing. Discussion of the “Magical Realist” mode in fiction.

Homework: Read García Márquez’s “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings,” “Blacamán the Good, Vendor of Miracles,” and “The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother.”

Oct 17—Blog posts of BIBI RAHMAN and DARIA PACZEK reviewed in class. Final thoughts about the short stories. Possible lines of approach that look to compare the authors covered thus far. What are the major stylistic differences? In-class writing.

Homework: Begin reading The People of Paper  (11-83). Response 3 due next class. ALSO BRING IN A PAPER VERSION TO CLASS.

Oct 19—Response 3 due posted by 11:00 AM. Response of DANIEL MOISE reviewed in class. Also bring in a paper version to class. In-class peer review of classmates’ writings. Introduction to the novel, and images fromEast L.A. In-class writing. Researching articles that deal with narratology or the texts examined in class on the QC library databases.

Homework: Read The People of Paper (84-191). Post your next set of ten blogs by next class.

Oct 24—Ten blog posts due 8AM. Blog posts of SABRINA MATACHE and CAITLIN MACHICOTE reviewed in class. In-class writing. Continued discussion of the novel and textual play.

Homework: Finish The People of Paper.

Oct 26—Blog post of ROBERT LEE reviewed in class. Final thoughts on the novel, and its interactivity with readers.

Homework: Begin reading Cobra (3-72).

Oct 31—Blog post of REHANA KHAN reviewed in class. Discussion of the self-reflective nature of the text and also its forms of linguistic play.

Homework: Read Cobra (75-119).

Nov 2—Blog post of MANDEEP KAUR reviewed in class. In-class research of Sarduy on the web.

Homework: Response 4 due next class. Finish Cobra.

Nov 7—Response 4 due 8AM. Response of KLARENS HAXHI reviewed in class. Final thoughts of the novel.

Homework: Begin reading Atomik Aztex (1-42).

Nov 9—Blog post of WILFRED GUAL reviewed in class. Discussion of the “dual” narrative form of the novel and its basic narrative premise.

Homework: Read Atomik Aztex (43-73).

Nov 14—Blog post of ANDREA GRAMAJO reviewed in class. Humor and play with “discourse” in the novel.

Homework: Ten blogs posts due next class. Read Atomik

Nov 16—Ten blog posts due 8AM. Blog post of APARNA GOKHALE reviewed in class. Research into the conquest of Mexico.

Homework: Read Atomik Aztex (111-152).

Nov 21—Blog post of ROMINA FRAIEGARI reviewed in class. Formal play in the novel.

Homework: Finish Atomik Aztex.

Nov 23—Blog post of CHRISTOPHER COLON reviewed in class. Last thoughts about the novel.

Homework: Response 5 due next class. Begin Omaha Bigelow (9-148).

Nov 28—Response 5 due 8AM. Response of ANTHONY BIANCO reviewed in class. Working with sources and organizing elements for an article/essay. The parody and self-reflective narration of Omaha and levels of representing fictive realities in narration. In-class writing.

Homework: Read Omaha Bigelow (149-211).

Nov 30—Blog post of JENNIFER BALLI reviewed in class. Discussion of humor and narrative within the novel.

Homework: Read Omaha Bigelow (212-260).

Dec 5—Blog post of VASANTI NARAINE Discussion of parody and Magical Realism in an urban American setting.

Homework: Read Omaha Bigelow (261-301).

Dec 7— Comparisons between authors for uses of focalization and fabula. How parody functions through humor.

Homework: Finish Omaha Bigelow

Dec 12— LAST CLASS: Last set of blog posts due. Final thoughts about the
course, and also discussion of ideas for future applications of narrative theory to literary texts. Peer review of essay drafts.


Your final day to complete your portfolio is Dec 20,12PM.Everything is due posted on your blog.


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